Designer Heated Towel Rails for Your Home

A heated towel rail is a really nice feature we have seen emerge in modern bathrooms. They are not just stylish, they are also beneficial; who doesn't want a nice warm towel as they step out of the shower? Here are some benefits of heated tower rails.

Easy drying of towels
During cold weather, or times when there is excessive rainfall and humid conditions, keeping your towel dry naturally is difficult. Heated towel rails deal with this problem, as the heat generated can get your towel dry in no time.

They helps maintain the hygiene of your towel
Your towel is one of the biggest breeding grounds for germs and mould in your home. Using a heated towel rail ensures that there isn't a conducive environment for the germs to multiply on your towel.

They help you save water
With a heated towel rail, there won't be need to wash your heavy towels regularly to keep them free from germs. Dry towels will last longer between washes.

They help you save electricity
Heated towel rails ensure you no longer need a powerful tumble dryer to dry your towels after you have taken a bath, thereby saving electricity costs over the course of a year. You may not have to tumble at all, or you could just do a quick spin to get the towels semi dry.

Choosing heated towel rails
There are different types of heated towel rail. This can make it a little difficult for people to decide which one to go for when they are about to make a purchase. The three main types of towel rail are plumbed-in, electric and dual fuel rails.

A plumbed-in rail is, as the name suggests, generally plumbed into the central heating system of the home, like radiators in the home. One reason many people go with this option is that it is reasonably cheap. However, it has its negatives. Your home may not have the heating design that will support this type of towel rail. Even when the design is in place, the heated towel rail will only function when the central heating is working.

Electric heated rails operate independently from your central heating. This means you have total control over when to use the heated rails. Most people without a central heating network go for this option, but it can be used by anyone. It is, however, more expensive than the average plumbed-in towel rail.

Dual fuel heated rails are programmed to work with both your central heating system and electricity. These are popular with home owners because they allow drying of the towel with the central heating system when the system is in use and the use of electricity to dry the towels at other times; ultimate efficiency and control.

You should now see the benefits of heated towel rails, and you should also be a few steps closer to being able to decide on the type of rail that is best for your home.

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