Taking the Drama Out of a Self-Build

I tend to blame popular TV programs like Grand Designs for giving people the wrong impression that self-builds are something you need to get deeply involved with (as the end-client) on a day-to-day basis and/or there's always one calamity or another befalling the project. In reality, if such programs filmed a typical self-build project, their ratings would plummet since there wouldn't be too much drama to report on.

In the UK, roughly 11,000 self-build projects are completed each year, with only around 10% of them seeing the end-client actually helping out on the build itself. No need to worry about trench foot, or back-ache, or wondering how you missed mistook your thumb nail for a regular nail...you can leave that to the professionals.

Of course, where 100% of end-clients DO need to apply their input is the design itself. Your design requirements can be shaped by an architect, who can put your "broad brushstrokes" into a specific blueprint. Depending on how exacting your requirements are will depend on how long such a project will take, and how much it will cost.

Some benefits of self-building include:-

You design the house you want
Since you're in control of the design. You can get the house you want rather than scouring through RightMove listings for days, weeks, months, even years trying to find that perfect house. Of course, there are likely to be SOME compromises along the way - a good architect will advise you in terms of accessibility issues, energy efficiency, natural lighting, noise pollution, the kinds of issues you may not have thought of.

You have a lot more options for everything
You want a home that runs on alternative energy systems? Want a "smart home" that listens to voice commands? You can build/plug-in the latest technology to self-build a lot easier than trying to shoe-horn it into an existing property, since everything's built from the ground-up.

You will likely save money
Compared to buying an existing property, you can save up to 30% with a self-build.

You can buy a bigger property
Because self-build is usually cost saving, you can build a bigger property with your budget (bigger than if you bought an existing property).

Obviously a self-build isn't a project to undertake lightly. It will take a lot of thinking and consultation with experts. The key thing is to hire professionals you trust completely, because you will have to trust the team 100% - from the architect to the builders. You will also have to learn the art of compromise and defer to experience at times.

Article kindly provided by procad.ie