Tips For Choosing The Right Furniture Loose Covers

Although it can be quite a daunting task, seasonally changing interior decors is one way for you to spruce up your home. This does not necessarily mean that you have to buy a new set of furniture just to give your home a fresh look. If you think your chairs or sofa already lost their appeal, choosing quality slipcovers is an inexpensive alternative to have an attractive and functional way of updating their appearance.

Apart from giving a more aesthetic appeal, slipcovers could also extend the life of your furniture. To ensure that you can get all of these advantages, here are a few tips to help you choose the right slipcovers for your chairs and sofas:

Get the right measurement of your furniture

Before you start browsing and looking for quality slipcovers, be sure to take the right measurement of your furniture first. This is especially important if you are opting for custom-made slipcovers as these may not be returnable. Otherwise, go for a loose-fit slipcover so you won't have to be precise with exact measurements.

Choose a look

Slipcovers may come in huge variety of looks such as traditional, shabby chic or modern. If you want to have a more formal look, choose a tailored fitting that hugs the lines of your sofa or chair. If you want to have a more casual effect, choose a more loose slipcover.

Choose the right material

Whilst it is important to consider the look, be sure to choose slipcovers in appropriate fabrics. If your furniture is heavily used, go for the kind of fabric that is tough, firm, washable and stain-resistant.

Choose a colour that complements your home's interior design

Slipcovers usually come in neutral shades that can be easily blended with most decors. Just keep in mind to consider the colours of your draperies and carpet to ensure that your furniture won't look out of place.

Consider details

If you want to add more attractive features to your slipcovers, choose the ones with extra details such as welting. Other options include braids, fringes and buttons.

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