Are You Checking Your Social Media Stats Regular (You Are Missing Out If Your Not)

Are you checking your social media statistics and analytics regularly? Do you utilise every aspect of the profiles on each platform? Are you on the right platform for your brand?

Have you done a Social Media Audit?
As businesses, we should be on social media, if only for the online presence. However, we should be asking more ROI of our efforts. This means we need to audit our social media, from time to time to establish the fruits of our labour and change for more lucrative results.

Check each platform you are on and ensure that you have fully completed the profile sections. This includes a properly sized and formatted cover photo and Avatar picture. Links to your websites and other social media profiles. Likewise, make sure to have links to your social media profiles from your website. Is all your contact information correct and up to date? Neil from web design agency said "There is nothing more off putting, than clicking on a social media image on website only for it go to a page not found. This can be harmful to your brand".

Are you posting content regularly to each platform? Be careful not to repeat yourself too often, and that content is different and written for each platform. Facebook has many more characters available than Twitter. Do not link the two as you will have repeated content and be leading people to your social media, rather than your website, which should be the goal. Try not to be overly promotional on your blog posts. These should be conversational and engaging. With the new features on Facebook and reach, it is only the post with engagement that are likely to be seen on personal timelines.

Make sure to check the analytics on each of the platforms. It is best if you can do this on a monthly basis, checking for increases in followers and interaction. Compile an excel spreadsheet to monitor changes over the months. If a channel is not performing well, you will see it and can take action to improve the performance. Every blog post or piece of content, should be analysed for trends on popular themes or ideas. This can give you ideas of popular topics people are engaging with.

Tagging and hashtags
Are you tagging others in your content, especially if you have collaborated on a project? This increases the links you have with others. Try researching some hashtags that can spread your reach. Have you a way to check for mentions about you or your business or website on social media? As quick reactions and replies can show, you really are on the ball. It may also promote them to link back to content via their own websites which is a vital part of SEO.

Completing a social media audit, will highlight areas for improvement. This will assist you to make the changes that will generate more interaction with your potential clients. Monthly reporting and then tri-monthly reviews can give you the heads up on the success of any social media campaign.

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