How To Use Exterior Signage To Promote Your Business

Signage is necessary when starting or running a business for a variety of reasons; it can make it easy for customers to find and recognise your company, it can draw new customers in, and it allows you as a business to separate yourself from competitors. Therefore, it is so important to make sure that you have the most suitable signage for your company, and if done correctly, it can play a key role in determining the success of your business

When thinking about the exterior signage for your company, the first thing you must consider is the environment in which your sign will be in. Making sure it is suitable for its environment is essential; for example, if it will be further away from your customers, it needs to stand out, so they are able to still gather the message you're trying to deliver. It must also not blend into the background, therefore contrasting colours are generally a good idea.

Keep It Simple
Something else to consider when using exterior signage to market your business is the complexity of it all. The most successful signage is simple and to the point, so customers know instantly the product or service you're offering. According to Neil from

Another thing to think about when marketing your business using exterior signage is the colour and design. When making this decision, it is important to think about what colours you want to reflect your business, as this will be the first thing customers will see. Likewise, with the design/logo. As proven by some of the biggest companies in the world (McDonald's, Apple, Nike, etc.) a good logo can be all that is required for a customer to recognise a brand. It is vital that whatever you choose, it must be relatable to your business, making it easy for both new and existing customers to familiarise themselves with your company. Make sure your branding is consistent across all your promotional material.

As there is only a limited amount of space on your sign, using it efficiently is crucial. Filling up the space you can with relevant and necessary information and images is a quick way to inform the customer of your brand. However, as stated previously, cluttering your sign with loads of information will make it look too busy and uninteresting, therefore driving customers away.

There is nothing worse to ruin the footfall or enquiries to a business, than poor kerb appeal. Exterior signage with missing letters, broken lighting or cracked paint, can make clients either feel your struggling financially to maintain your building or that you can't be trusted with their business. Making sure your shop window is clean and tidy, will make it stand out from the crowd.

With all this information considered, if done correctly, exterior signage can be an extremely powerful asset to marketing your business and generating success for your company.

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