Retail Interior Design Tips for Cultivating User Experience

Internet shopping is a such a large part of how most people buy their goods these days, so it is important for retailers to offer them something they can't get online if they're going to tempt shoppers back to the high street.That something is simple; an experience.

Offering a destination shopping experience that makes shopping an enjoyable event is something that buying online can't begin to compete with. Shopping in the real world can't compete with shopping online for convenience, so it's important that it plays to its strengths byoffering a tactile, tangible experience that leaves the shopper wanting to come back to your amazing as soon as possible.

Consider these key elements of retail design to helpentice shoppers to your store.

Plan your preferred path
This is one of the very first things you need to consider when the architect starts designing your store, because it determines how you're going to lay your store out. Where you have your displays, your bathrooms, your changing rooms, your checkouts,and more, it all depends on the path you want your customers to walk.It's commonly accepted that most customers tend to turn right immediately when entering a store.

Think of your key products,your premier offers, and your most customer-focussed displays, the route your customers take will need to put them in front of all of these things. When people think of retail interior design they often think of wall colours and lighting, and that's obviously important, but they often neglect the equally important aspect of how the store is actually laid out.

It's important that the environment is as comfortable as possible, which means allocating as much space as ossible to the width of your walkway. Narrow, tight, and cramped paths are a sure-fire way of scaring off new customers and making anyone in your store feel uncomfortable. The goal is to encourage them to spend as much time as possible browsing, it's hard to do this when they want to leave as soon as they can because it's all too cramped. A spacious, comfortable environment is one of the most effective ways to captivate customer focus.

Show some personality
You want a comfortable environment, but the last thing you want to do is bore your customers. So don't be afraid to be creative, whether that's in the form of some slightly unusual colour combinations, eye-catching decorations, or the way you choose to display your products. Shoppers form attachments with anything they determine to have a personality and a human quality, there are already thousands of neutral coloured stores with no focus on genuine engagement, don't be one of them.

Why not think about how a feature wall might capture the attention of your customers? Use it to further highlight some of your current offers because the eyes of your shoppers will be naturally drawn to that area as soon as they walk in. Think about how you communicate to your customers what your store values are; if you want to offer an upmarket and high quality shopping experience, your choice in decoration needs to say that. Marketing messages aren't enough, your customers need to "feel" it as soon as they walk in.

Lighting matters
Lighting says a lot about your store, it's also something that a lot of people neglect. The lighting is what will set the mood, so you want to make sure you invest the time to get it right. What is the mood your store is trying to convey? Are you trying to be warm, cosy, and inviting? In which case you're going to want soft shades of yellow light to avoid dazzling your customers. Are you looking for bright and modern? In which case out of date lighting fixtures are going to give a poor impression and negative customer experience.

Maximise the look of your space
No matter the size of your retail space, everyone seems to agree that bigger is better. A bigger store is a more successful one after all, right? Sadly not everyone can afford torent an enormous warehouse sized retail unit every month, but that's okay because there are much more affordable tips and tricks you can employ to make your retail space appear larger than it actually is. It's in your interest to consider this as it will improve the comfort of your customers as well as make a better impression.

One way you can make a space seem larger is by deploying mirrors against walls, which at a glance can trick the eye into believing a space is much larger than it is. This is also true of glass displays, they will give your store space and the impression of being larger.

Retail Interior Photography
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